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Children Nutrition News

Aug 25, 2010

Great Participation and Feedback for our Children's Nutrition Survey and Cooking with Kids Chef Set Giveaway

Thanks to all who participated in our Children's Nutrition Survey and Curious Chef Kids' Cooking Set Giveaway, over 500 responded to share their feedback on our nutrition education website, children's nutrition, current food issues and challenges fo...
Aug 18, 2010

Juice Plus whole food supplements helps parents of picky eaters

I get asked sometimes what to do for your children when everything you have tried has not worked. Your child will simply not eat any or very little fruits and vegetables.  Kids can be very picky eaters and stubborn, too.I always recommend continued pat...
Jul 30, 2010

Measuring neck circumferences of children may be more accurate in determining weight problems

There is lots of talk this month about the accuracy of BMI calculations and kids.A new study published in Pediatrics is suggesting that measuring a child's neck circumference could be a better tool for quickly assessing children's potential weight stat...
Jul 28, 2010

McDonalds under attack for giving toys with happy meal

A consumer watchdog group is threatening to sue McDonalds for placing toys in their Happy Meals. With the growing concern about our children's lack of nutrition and healthy habits, McDonalds is now under fire.The group is claiming that by placing toys ...
Jul 21, 2010

Kids in the kitchen can lead to healthier eating

Getting kids involved in the meal planning is a good strategy to promote a balanced meal and a healthy one.I know this sounds so simple but some of the best strategies for dealing with kids are pretty straightforward.  If they help decide the menu and ...
Jul 19, 2010

Is your child eating a healthy diet - how do you know?

Do we know what is really a healthy diet?  According to a recent study, 81% parents thought their child was having a healthy diet when in fact they were not.  It seems that parents assessed their child's diet by looking at the three main meals they ate...
Jul 19, 2010

Healthy Monday- Lower your kids saturated fats

Think beyond the fryerWhen eating out this week choose steamed, broiled or grilled dishes instead of greasy fried foods for your family. It’s a simple switch that will drastically cut your family's saturated fat intake!Mondays are a great day to renew ...
Jul 16, 2010

Sugary fruit juice adds too many calories to kids diet

The United Kingdom is no different than America as we both have a childhood obesity crisis and are strategizing on how best to tackle it.  The UK had a national childhood obesity week from July 5 - 11.  They focused on policies and strategies with key...
Jul 14, 2010

Nurse is a finalist in First Lady's Apps For Healthy Kids Contest- Please Vote! Support Fight Against Childhood Obesity

I'm Maggie LaBarbera, RN founder of Nourish Interactive- The Fun Way to Learn About Nutrition. I am excited to announce that four of my games are finalists in Apps for Healthy Kids Contest, sponsored by the "Let's Move" Campaign.The Let's Move Campa...
Jul 07, 2010

Schools encouraged to join the HealthierUS School Challenge and receive awards

The "Let's Move" campaign, lead by Michelle Obama, has incorporated the Healthier US School challenge into her campaign.   As part of her goal to raise a healthier generation of kids, there are monetary incentive awards for schools that are focusing on...
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