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Natural Remedies for Illness in Kids and Adults Alike

Posted on May 02, 2012 by Guest Writer

No mom likes to hear coughing or sneezing, but unfortunately sickness is apart of our everyday lives.  When cough and cold season roll around, it seems like any mom can be expected to make a trip to the pharmacy every other week - which can get incredibly expensive.  However, your average illness doesn't always require a prescription for antibiotics.  In fact, a few household items can easily have your kiddos, or yourself should you become ill, feel better in no time:

Oregano Oil

The oil of this common household herb has been thoroughly tested and shown to offer some serious health benefits.  Among others, oregano essential oil has been proven to be as effective as many common antibiotics, including penicillin.  Unlike antibiotic drugs, this alternative comes with no risk of germ resistance, and has a number of other astonishing uses and health benefits.

To effectively use oregano oil, simply put a couple drops under the tongue of your ill child, or mix it in with warm water or another warm beverage for consumption - a little honey mixed in with that warm water never hurt anyone!


The opposite of antibiotics, probiotics are actually living microorganisms that are beneficial colonizers of our GI tract.  Organic yogurt is perhaps the best example of a food that naturally contains these beneficial organisms, although many supplements exist.  In addition to helping our intestinal balance and promoting good digestion, these also boost immune function and decrease the chances of harmful bacteria reproduction. 

So if you've heard of a strep throat outbreak at school, giving your child probiotics like yogurt and other foods rich in probiotics during illness can help prevent them from getting sick or recovering faster.  If your child gets sick, always check with your pediatrician first.


Similar to the previously mentioned Oregano oil, Garlic is a naturally occurring antibiotic that has shown seriously positive results in a number of lights.  Not only can garlic kill infectious bacteria, but it can also simultaneously protect the body from the poisons that are causing this same infection.  While natural, fresh garlic is the best for internal use, it isn't always easy to get kiddos to eat it.  

So for the best use, try using garlic oil or adding minced garlic to other meals to conceal the flavor.  You'll still get the great medicinal qualities, and won't have to deal with any meal time battles. Garlic tablets can also be purchased at your local pharmacy.

As a mother raising children in a world full of germs and bountiful health concerns, it’s nice to know that there may be a bright, natural future for our children.  And these are only a few of the many natural alternatives to common antibiotics that have been tested and proven effective. But just knowing that there are options out there that could hold the key to serious health concerns in the future, certainly helps me sleep better at night.




Tuesday, May 08, 2012 @ 05:53 AM

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In the articile describing the value of probiotics, there is a suggestion that when there is an outbreak of strep throat at school children should be loaded up with "antibiotics". Don't you mean probiotics? In the light of the issue of overuse of antibiotics this is an important point to clarify. Thanks. Helen Pitts; School Nurse ( and old mom)
Nourish- Chef Solus
Tuesday, May 08, 2012 @ 11:50 AM

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Good point. I think the writer means that parents will often rush to prescribed medication when it may not always be necessary. It is important to always check with your pediatrician since they are the best determinants of what is the best course of action. Probiotics and natural remedies can be helpful in fighting off disease. We have corrected the above paragraph and thank you for pointing this out.

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