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Healthy Snacks- Rice Cakes and Toppings- Top Creative Healthy Snack Food Ideas and Tips for Kids and Parents

Posted on Jan 20, 2012 by Maggie LaBarbera

Let's celebrate Healthy Snacks for Kids and Rice Cakes!

The healthy pledge this week is to "help kids choose healthier snacks", we've had a great week sharing our snack tips and printables, hearing about what snack strategies work for parents, and enjoying healthy snacking.

It's been an exciting week with many parents, grandparents, teachers, dietitians and food service professional taking the pledge for healthy snacks.

For this post, I'm sharing some of my favorite Rice Cake Snacks and Topping Creations and I'm hoping you will share some of your ideas in the comments section!

This week is about making one small change to help kids choose healthier snack food- together we can give give children the facts and skills to make healthy choices, we hope you join the pledge!

Healthy Snack Pledge for Kids- Enter to win Lundberg Farm Organic Rice Cakes,

You'll see 5 reasons why Chef Solus gives these organic rice cakes two thumbs up, get our Favorite Rice Cake Toppers for Kids PDF and 2 more special healthy snack for kids tips sheets.
(* enter before 1/21 11:59 pm PST for chance to win)

This week's healthy pledge sponsor is Lundberg Farms Organic Rice Cakes and it's a been a great week to enjoy some of these crunchy whole grain snacks

Visit Lundberg Farms Organic Rice Cake Page to discover the 12 different flavors and nutrition facts and the commitment to providing organic and no-gmo rice.

Their website also has a great story about their family farm that goes back to 1937! (with meet the farmer bios) Also, check out the variety of high quality rice, gourmet blends, rice chips, healthy recipes, and their latest coupon offers!

Anytime is a good time for Rice Cakes- over the years, I have enjoyed rice cakes for movie snacks, football game food, hiking, picnics, the beach, long car trips, entertaining, work snacks, kids school snacks... the list goes on!

I took some time this week to make some of my favorite toppings for Rice Cakes,

The snack ideas I'm sharing are easy to make, quick, and delicious! 

You can also have the kids help prepare some of these, see below for our resources and printables for healthy snacking for kids and kids cooking pages.

These are easy to prepare and works well for busy parents or for anyone trying to eat healthier snacks. Rice Cake snacks are healthy and delicious right out of the package or try some creative food ideas to combine Rice Cakes with other food groups for a tasty treat.

For breakast, snacks, lunch, or party appetizers these rices cakes recipes are a great healthy choice

Kids enjoy plain rice cakes, or try putting some nut butter or sunflower butter and jam, or nut butter and bananas or apples! We have a printable of fun rice cake toppings for kids - take the healthy pledge and get the printable!

Snack time can be a great time to get more nutrients and a boost of energy. For these samples you'll see I combined the Whole Grain Rice Cakes with food from other food groups. Take a peak at some of the 'tried and true' favorites I made this week and also the experiment to try a few new healthy creative snack food ideas.

Or enjoy the Rice Cakes, as is, to get some extra Whole Grains and satisfy that urge to crunch, and for a variety of tastes- try some of Lundberg Farms 12 flavors of Organic Rice Cakes.











Mexican Rice Cake Snack- Lundberg Organic Rice Cakes, salsa, red peppers, green peppers, onions, avocado, 3 cheese Mexican blend,  low-fatsour cream

best healthy snack foods on the go 2 or more food group snacksYou can have to kids help with preparing just about any the snacks here.

Kids can help wash, measure, scoop, fill, stir. They can great little helpers. Make sure you follow safety precautions. See our Cooking with Kids pages for Parents with kids in the kitchen safety guidelines showing also the different ways kids can help by age group.

It's also important to introduce children to a wide range of healthy foods and for children to develop positive experiences with healthy food.

In addition, studies show that having kids help with food preparation, with age appropriate kitchen activities increasing kids interest in eating healthier food. Creating food together is also helps to build positive memories.

Or check out the Kids' Cooking Fun Printables- there's cooking vocabulary, puzzles, coloring pages and healthy cooking tips for kids

healthy snack food recipes tips gluten free We also love Salmon and cream cheese on Rice Cakes.

Some kids enjoy pizza made with Rice Cakes!

I hope you have found some new ideas to try for healthy snacks - whether it's whole grain rice cakes for a healthy snack on the go, for your child's school snack, a portable lunch to take to work, the movie snacks, a dessert, or for the next get together we hope you enjoy rice cakes as much as we do!

Proudly show you took the healthy pledge for kids snacks and help spread the healthy message- easy code to grab a badge to share!

*Several styles of badges to choose from.

healthy kids snack food pledge badges to share













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