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A day at the fair doesn't have to mean a day of junk food.

Posted on May 25, 2015 by Maggie LaBarbera

Monday’s Nourishing Thought:  

Fun time doesn't have to mean junk food time!

Goodness!  I just came back from our local fair and this year's new treat:  "Deep fried watermelon".  I wish I could tell you how it actually tasted but it just sounded so gross that I could not bring myself to buy it.

Not mention it was expensive but what a way to make an already delicious food become "junk food" - full of fat.  Is nothing sacred?  I fear when it comes to the fair, nothing is!  They will deep fry anything.  Deep fried twinkees is a popular fair food.

But that is not to say you can't eat healthy at the fair.  And I am not saying that your children should not enjoy a special treat while at the fair.  But as everything in life, it is about balance and limits.  

Here was my strategy when my kids were younger:

Start the day with a nutritious, filling breakfast high in protein.  Then at least they won't be starving at the fair.

Bring a few snack bag treats from home like trailmix or some fresh fruit.

Let them choose one treat they would like balanced with protein like barbecue chicken, nuts or string cheese.  

If the treat they wanted was "super-sized" then split it.  This way they can enjoy their treat but they don't have to eat the whole thing.  Great way to teach portion control.

Veggies are few but you can usually find a green salad to mix with their meal.  

Go early so you can avoid dinner at the fair.  Not only is it pricey but ... 

Gear kids away from the food area and concentrate on the activities that are available at the fair.  

Throw on the pedometers and see how many steps you can get in as a family.

Enjoy the free shows and if the music moves you, dance with the kids!






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