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Kids Eat Right Month Celebrates Ways To Help Children Eat Healthier!

Posted on Aug 01, 2014 by Maggie LaBarbera

Today is the beginning of the first National Kids Eat Right Month!

To help parents and teachers find the best resources on our website, we have created this special "Kids Eat Right" resource page.  

Here is some background and goals for this new campaign!

This campaign is sponsored by Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and its Foundation.  The goal is to highlight the role everyone plays in ensuring a healthy future for our nation's children.

Kids Eat Right Month will focus on the importance of healthful eating and active lifestyles for children and families, featuring expert advice from registered dietitian nutritionists.

Nourish Thought for the Day:  

Every healthy small change adds up to a healthier child.

Three quick and easy ways to help kids eat right:
Bring children into the kitchen and have them help prepare the family meals.  There are lots of activities children of different ages can participate in.
Eat together as a family.  What better way to help children learn about healthy eating then at the dinner table!
Get your children involved in creating your family meal plan and shopping for it.  Don't forget to try the local farmer's market for fresh, local produce.

Enjoy the great handout! Share our Kids Eat Right Month handout

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