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Healthy Heart Month Includes Lean Proteins

Posted on Feb 03, 2014 by Maggie LaBarbera

February is national Heart Health month and a reminder to all of us about ways we can keep our hearth healthy through diet and exercise.  

For the next few blogs, I am going to focus on each of the food groups and what foods keep our heart healthy and what foods may not be so healthy for you and your family's heart.  And yes, that includes children because believe it or not, unhealthy changes in the heart can begin during childhood.  

Part 3: Healthy Hearts and Protein

Next up, the PROTEIN food group.  Foods that belong in this group are the foods that are mostly made of protein.  These foods include meat, fish, eggs, soy, seeds and nuts.  protein food group my plate

Proteins are the building blocks for making new cells and tissue for muscles, bones and cartilage which is extremely important for children who are actively growing.  And let's not forget that the heart is a muscle! But it is also vital for adults as we replace old cells with new cells throughout adulthood.  Protein is also used for making enzymes and vitamins which help keep the heart healthy.

See a complete list of foods in the protein food group

The American diet is generally rich in meat.  But meat tends to be also high in fat which can lead to weight issues.  The heart has to work harder for overweight individuals because it will have to pump blood to all the cells in the body and that include fat cells.  Beans and eggs are a great source of protein with less fat.

Heart Health Tip: Go lean with protein. To help your heart stay healthy choose lean red meats, pork, and skinless poultry.  

Certain proteins are also rich in healthy oils that are essential for the body.  These oils are also referred to as Omega-3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.  To get the healthy oils are body needs, we need to eat protein like fish and nuts.

Heart Health Tip: To help your heart stay healthy vary your protein to include handful of nuts and seeds and substitute meat for fish.  

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