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Nutrition Lesson Plan - Healthy Fruit Food Group

Oct 30, 2010
About this Lesson Plan
  • Subject: Health/Nutrition/Computer skills
  • Duration: 20-30 minutes
  • Grades: K-5
  • Ages: 3-13
  • Reading Levels: Basic
  • Prerequisite Knowledge and Skills: Basic knowledge of the My Plate or Food Pyramid, Basic computer & mouse skills, Hand-eye coordination

Yummy Drops Lesson Plan


Promoting the importance of the fruit food group

Topic/task Objective Domain and Level
Reinforce fruit food 
Students will associate the healthy
message with the fruit food group.
Affective - Knowledge
Students will explain the benefits of the 
fruit food group.
Cognitive – Comprehension
Promote the enjoyment
of nutrition
Students will align the plane with the
homes to hit the target.
Psychomotor – Coordination
Promote keyboard skills
Students will use the arrow keys on the
keyboard to maneuver the airplane.

Psychomotor – Coordination


Yummy Drop Game:
This is a cute online nutrition game in which students help Chef Solus deliver fresh fruits to families. Students will use the arrow keys to maneuver a plane (decorated with fruit) while dodging obstacles like rain clouds and birds. The student will use the space bar to drop healthy fruits and hit the targets on the houses. The game ends when the plane runs out of fuel. Speed of the plane and obstacles can use up fuel faster.
At the end of the game, the student will see a healthy message about fruits. They will also be able to enter their name to be listed in our scoreboard of top flyers. A Click here - Open your surprise link is shown at the end of the game. This is a printable pdf with a positive message about the fruit groups.
Keyboard commands required for this game:
  • Arrow up: Select the up arrow key to make the plane climb up
  • Arrow down: Select the down arrow key to make the plane drop
  • Arrow forward: Select the forward arrow key to make the plane speed up
  • Arrow back: Select the back arrow key to make the plane slow down
  • Space bar: Select the space bar to drop fruit
Materials needed for nutrition lesson:
Computer and Internet access, the latest Flash and Shockwave players installed, download free from Adobe
Teaching Tips:
Have the student review the fruit group, (the red strip) on the Interactive Food Pyramid It may be also helpful for the students to review the following fruit group learning sheet
  1. Hand out the fruit group informational sheet to the class.
  2. Review the fruit group, benefits of the fruit group and what foods fall into the food groups.
  3. Have the students make a list of their favorite recipes and foods that use fruit. This can be done as a group discussion for younger students.
  4. Guide the students to Yummy Drop Game where they will see a variety of fruits and read a healthy message about the fruit group.

Have the kids do something fun to promote the importance of this food group. Here are some ideas:

  • Have students participate in creating a bulletin board that represents the fruit group
  • Have each student or as a work group make a mini poster of the fruit group
  • Have the kids each bring in a fresh fruit from home. Make a fruit salad or have a taste test!

Younger children may enjoy matching fruit group worksheet and coloring page.

Matching fruit group worksheet and coloring page.

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Written on Oct 30, 2010Last updated on Dec 12, 2011




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