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Elementary Health Lesson Plan- Learn The Importance Of Being Active Everyday

Jul 30, 2010
About this Lesson Plan
  • Subject: Health/Nutrition/Computer skills
  • Duration: 20-30 minutes
  • Grades: K-5
  • Ages: 4-13
  • Reading Levels: Intermediate
  • Prerequisite Knowledge and Skills: Basic knowledge of the My Plate or Food Pyramid, Basic computer & mouse skills, Problem Solving Skills

Active Goal Challenge Lesson Plan

Promoting daily fitness mini game


Topic/task Objective Domain and Level
Reinforce importance of 
daily activity
Students will view exercise facts at the end
of each attempted field goal.
Cognitive – Knowledge 
Cognitive – Analysis
Promote the enjoyment
of learning about healthy
Students will get pointwhen they
successfully make field goals.
Affective – Receiving
Reinforce computer skills Students will align the avatar with the goal. Psychomotor – Coordination


Active Goal Challenge Game:
This game is designed to promote the steps of the food pyramid that represents exercise. Students must align the character with the football and kick a field goal. There is a power meter located in the lower right hand corner of game. The student must try to kick the ball when the power meter is set at a higher power level in order to reach the field goal.
Every time the student makes a field goal, he/she will view a motivating fact about the importance of daily activity:
  • Be active every day
  • Run, jump and play
  • Exercise is fun
  • Exercise makes your body feel great
  • Exercise makes your muscles strong
  • Exercise is fun!
  • Be active for 60 minutes a day!
  • Exercising helps your bones grow tall!
The student will have two minutes to make as many field goals as possible and earn a high score. At the end of the game, the student will be able to submit their name and see if they are one of the top scorers. They will also see an “Open your surprise” link. This will open a printable pdf that will have a puzzle and remind them to be active every day.
Computer and Internet access, the latest Flash and Shockwave players installed, download free from Adobe
Teaching Tips:
Have the student review the exercise part, (the stairs of the pyramid) on the Interactive Food Pyramid or My Plate.
  1. Have the students come up with a list of fitness activities and write them on a board. You can also use this list of activities with the class. List of physical activities
  2. Read each activity out loud and have the students separate the activities into categories.
  3. For younger students, have them separate them into low activity and high activity.
  4. For older students, have them categorize activities into three categories: Low activities are sedentary activities that do not require much movement. Medium activities that require moderate amount of movement like walking, raking leaves, picking up toys.High activities are activities that make you breath fast and raise the heart
  5. Discuss the importance of daily activity for the heart, lungs, muscles and bones.
  6. Guide the students to Active Goal Challenge where they will see their character being active and read messages about the importance of being active.
Have the students track their activity for one week
Activity Tracker – color in for each activity - for younger students.
Activity Tracker – write in your activities - for older students.
Use the activity contract. Have them sign their name on a kid friendly contract pledging their commitment to be more active. Fun kids activity agreement

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Written on Jul 30, 2010Last updated on Jul 31, 2012




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