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Free Printables – MyPlate Nutrition Learning Activity


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My Plate is a very easy way to help children understand how their plate should look. My Plate is very convenient and can fit into all children's personalized lunch boxes.
With My Plate it serves as a visual cue to children that there is a place on their food for every food group. In particular, fruits and vegetables are very important for a growing child and now they can see how they need to take up half of the plate!
New talking MY Plate tutorial for kids!
You may also be interested in our Food Groups worksheets that promote all five food groups!  Or the Food Pyramid printable worksheets that also promote each of the five food groups.  We make it fun to learn about the benefits of eating foods from all five food groups. See all our nutrition education printables for preschool and elementary school children!

Free Kids' My Plate Healthy Tips, Coloring and Activity Sheets


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Holiday 1 New Year My Plate Count Down To A Healthier Year Coloring Sheet

Happy New Year's fun coloring sheet for children. The My Plate countdown to a healthier plate!
Published: Dec 27, 2012
Grades: PreK-5
Ages: 2-13

Holiday 1 New Years Dance Party with Chef Solus Coloring Sheet

It's New Years' Eve and Chef Solus leads the kids have a dance party coloring page for children.
Published: Dec 27, 2012
Grades: PreK-5
Ages: 3-13

Holiday 3 Lucky My Plate Coloring Page - St Patricks Day Theme

St Patrick’s Day coloring and nutrition activity worksheets promote the healthy green fruits and vegetables from the My Plate. St Patrick’s Day offers a fun way to promote the “lucky foods” of the My Plate and the foods that are green! Kids will have fun and learn more about healthy eating.
Published: Mar 16, 2013
Grades: PreK-5
Ages: 2-10

Holiday 12 Christmas My Plate Kids Coloring Page

Promote the food groups and healthy food choices with our free My Plate Christmas-themed coloring printable page for kids. Our nutrition worksheets are a fun way to promote healthy holiday foods to children.
Published: Dec 12, 2013
Grades: PreK-5
Ages: 2-13
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