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Chef Solus and The Explorers Learn about Food Safety

Hi Nutrition Explorers.
This month we found a hidden room with ancient writing on the walls. It warned us of tiny creatures that can live on food. These creatures were so small you could not see them with your eyes. They were called bacteria. We wondered how they got on the food in the first place.
We were surprised to learn that if food was not kept cold enough these creatures would be begin to grow. But what surprised us the most was that dirty hands were one of the easiest ways for bacteria to get on food. Wow. We washed our hands for 20 seconds before eating our lunch. Have fun and keep exploring!
See you next month.
Explorers know the importance of Food Safety!


Explorers find strange creatures living on food. Washing hands is the best way to prevent getting sick.
It only takes 20 seconds to properly wash hands!









Mold is a type of fungus. Similar to bacteria, mold grows slower in the cold refrigerator. Take a piece of bread and place it in a clear sandwich bag. Mark the date on it and set it out on the kitchen window (make sure your parents know that you are being a food scientist for the week). Now do the same thing but this time place the bag in the refrigerator. Check on the pieces of bread and note which one grows mold on it faster. This won’t happen overnight, so be patient.



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