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Family Grocery Tips For Buying The Healthiest Foods









Nourishing Advice for a Healthy Family

Healthy eating starts at the grocery store when you choose your foods for your family meal time.  It's time to go the grocery store and face the over 7000 food items on the shelf.  How do you find which foods are actually better for you, how do you find the healthier food choices?   Tips on how to compare and choose foods for your family's meal.  Find key facts on reading food labels, resources for local farmers' markets, how to buy fruits and vegetables and coupons and discounts to all your favorite grocery stores.  Our dietitians have tips to help your grocery shopping experience promote healthy habits to kids.

For The Kids:  You can also find games, stories and activities for promoting healthy choices to children in the fun kids nutrition section.

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Parents Gude and Facts To Understanding Food Labels

All food manufacturers are required by law to provide specific information about the food your are buying to help you make informed healthy decisions. But of course, you have to read the food label first. General overview to help parents nderstand what is a food label.

Reading Food Labels- Understanding Nutrition Facts

Reading food label nutrition information can be confusing- parents can use our easy guide to learn to read food labels, learn facts, the parts of the food label, how to involve the kids in reading nutrition labels. Reading food label nutrition facts information is an important factor in choosing healthier food to eat.

Nutrient Claims Reference Chart - Helping You Choose Healthy Foods

Family nutrition article: nutrient content claims and facts article w/ printable nutrient claims facts chart. Food labeling information- Ever wonder what all the food label nutrient label claims really mean? What is the difference is between fat free, saturated fat free, low fat, lite, and reduced fat? Find out nutrient information and the facts about nutrient claims to make healthier food choices for you and your family.

Understanding what are Nutrient Claims

Ever wonder what the difference is between fat free, saturated fat free, low fat, and reduced fat? Find out more information about nutrient claims and how they can help you make better food choices for you and your family.

Encouraging Children To Read Food Labels

Reading food labels is a healthy habit that all children should learn. Our dietitians have put together some fun activities to incorporate during your next grocery store run that will help children learn to read labels. Fun activities that get children involved with selecting the healthiest foods.
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