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Healthier Holiday Appetizers

Anne Kolker • MS, Registered Dietitian • Dec 12, 2009
holiday eating healthy foods for children
December is a special month to be with family and it is a time where children are attending many festivities. They will have holiday parties at school, family and friend gatherings and any afterschool programs they attend will have their own little holiday celebrations.
Let’s not forget the fun holiday activities like making a gingerbread house with cookies and lots of candy or helping make special holiday snacks to give to neighbors and friends! Tis’ the season where kids see lots of holiday event at almost every turn.

Healthy Appetizers for Holiday Parties

Holiday celebrations are often centered around high fat appetizers. We often don’t have time for trying to find alternatives so we grab the nearest party tray from the grocery store or make a platter of fatty treats.
Who has time to try to juggle holiday shopping and preparations with thinking of healthier alternatives?  Maybe your thinking that kids won’t eat anything else or the family will be disappointed.. We are here to help.
Here is a list of some healthy snacks and appetizers tips and ideas that are sure to be party favorites and be healthier!
healthy appetizers for family holiday meals
  • It sounds simple, but include at least one healthy food item in your appetizer like fruit, vegetables or 100% whole grains.
  • Cut the fat in half! Switch from whole fat to lower fat versions for your creams, mayonnaise, cheeses, meats and milk products.
  • Change dips from cream, fat or mayonnaise to dips made from low fat yogurt, beans or hummus.
  • Have the kids help find red and green fruits and vegetables that you can shape into a holiday scene!
  • Make healthy sandwiches with lean turkey and low fat cheese and use cookie cutters to make holiday shapes.
  • Try using fruit butters to jazz up your crackers or whole wheat bread. Natural fruit butters are lower in calories (as low as 20 calories for 1 tablespoon) but tasty and sweet.
  • Recipes that call for deep frying, try baking it instead. You will lower the amount of fat and still have all the flavor.
Holiday foods can be healthy and delicious with these little recipe makeovers.  
Happy Holiday Season from the team at Nourish Interactive!








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Written by Anne KolkerWritten on Dec 12, 2009Last updated on Dec 06, 2015




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