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Facts And Information About Calories, Sugar And Sugary Beverages And Children

Anne Kolker • MS, Registered Dietitian • Aug 14, 2012

Some drinks can be very high in calories.  Those calories usually come from the added sugar.

You might be surprised at how much sugar is one drink that your child may be drinking as part of their normal routine.

Here is a list of some of the most popular drinks for children and the amount of sugar found in each drink.  The calories are also included.  

This table is Just to give you an idea of the unnecessary extra calories your child may be drinking.  You can also see that even though fruit juice is full of vitamins, it is easy to get a lot of sugar.  

sugary drinks for kids

That is why the USDA my plate recommends that parents limit fruit juice to six ounces once a day.

Please note that amounts of sugar may vary slightly depending on the flavor of drink chosen.  Some  of these beverages may actually have more calories!

Amounts Of Calories and Sugar In Popular Drinks

Note:  1 teaspoon is about 4-5 grams of sugar

Drink  Teaspoons of Sugar Calories
Soda 12 ounce can  10 teaspoons  140
Soda 20 ounce bottle  17 teaspoons  240
Soda 32 oz Big   24 teaspoons  364
Soda 44 oz Super   32 teaspoons  512
Vitamin Water 20 ounce bottle  8  teaspoons  125
Flavored Milk 16 ounce bottle  15 teaspoons  400
Flavored Drink 6.75 lunch pouch  5 teaspoons  70
Fruit Punch 12 ounce  12 teaspoons  192
100% Apple Juice 12 ounce  10 teaspoons  192
100% Grape juice 12 ounce 15 teaspoons 240
100% Orange juice 12 ounce  8 teaspoons   168
Water 12 ounce  0 teaspoons  0










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Written by Anne KolkerWritten on Aug 14, 2012Last updated on Feb 28, 2014




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