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Cooking With Kids

Aug 25, 2010

Great Participation and Feedback for our Children's Nutrition Survey and Cooking with Kids Chef Set Giveaway

Thanks to all who participated in our Children's Nutrition Survey and Curious Chef Kids' Cooking Set Giveaway, over 500 responded to share their feedback on our nutrition education website, children's nutrition, current food issues and challenges fo...
Aug 06, 2010

Share Your Opinions About Children's Nutrition & Enter to Win a Kids' Cooking Set!

Parents, grandparents, educators, caregivers, health care professionals and more are needed to share opinions about children's nutrition. Take our quick online survey and be entered to win a 'Curious Chef' Foundation Cooking Set for Kids giveaw...
Jul 26, 2010

Four tips to preventing an overweight child

Four factors that can make all the difference in promoting a healthy weight child. Involve your child in grocery shopping and cooking Avoid having "food rules" like finish all your food on your plate Get the kids playing actively inside and outside...
Jul 21, 2010

Kids in the kitchen can lead to healthier eating

Getting kids involved in the meal planning is a good strategy to promote a balanced meal and a healthy one.I know this sounds so simple but some of the best strategies for dealing with kids are pretty straightforward.  If they help decide the menu and ...
May 24, 2010

Healthy Monday - Barbecue eating tips for a healthy summer

Avoid barbeque binging.Stay on track this Memorial Day by using small dishes instead of picking from a larger bowl or package.Mondays are a great day to renew Family Health vows. Every Monday, you will find some healthy tip to help your family start th...
Apr 19, 2010

Healthy Monday launches new Kids Cook Monday Website - promoting healthy eating to kids

We are really excited to share with you a new resource from our partners Healthy Monday¡  They are launching today a new section of their website devoted to COOKING WITH KIDS!Their new section will feature: Tips on ways to involve children in the kit...
Apr 05, 2010

Michelle Obama promotes healthy eating and exercise to kids during Easter egg hunt

Today is the big Easter egg hunt and festivities held every year at the white house for hundreds of children.  What I love about this year's festivities is the focus on nutrition and healthy eating.   Our first lady has continued her commitment to prom...
Apr 02, 2010

Happy Easter and coloring eggs safety tips for kids and families

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter weekend.  This weekend, many kids will be coloring eggs and then having fun partaking in an Easter Egg hunt.I wanted to share some food (egg) safety tips about coloring and eating colored eggs for a fun a h...
Feb 01, 2010

Healthy Monday - Teach your children to reduce their salt intake

On this week’s shopping trip, look for low-sodium or “no-salt added” soups, vegetables and beans. Have the kids help read food labels.  Skipping sodium can reduce your family's risk for high blood pressure!Mondays are a great day to renew Family Health...
Jan 25, 2010

Healthy Kids Challenge Organization promotes healthy foods with a recipe contest for 7th and 8th graders.

I wanted to share with you a recipe contest that is open to all 7 and 8th graders. Our partner, Healthy Kids Challenge, is hosting a Stirring Up Health™ National Middle School Recipe Contest. March 13, 2010 Entry deadline Apri...
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