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Jan 14, 2013

Flu season hits hard 2013 - Flu Vaccination Infographic

The flu season has hit us hard this year. I say that as I lay here with the worst flu I have had in over 5 years. And, no, I did not listen and get the flu shot. ;-( Given that, I thought I would share this infographic about the flu created b...
Jan 09, 2013

School lunches from around the world

Wondering what kids eat for lunch around the world. Find out what our neighbors in Russia, Japan and other countries are serving their children for school lunch.
Jan 04, 2013

Obesity crisis in America - Facts For Parents

It is the beginning of the year and one of the top New Year's resolutions will be losing weight. We all probably put on a few extra pounds this holiday season where stress is higher, favorite foods are abundant and exercise is non-existant! Som...
Dec 17, 2012

Will you be naughty or nice in your food choices at your holiday feast?

You aren't surprised to learn that holiday is a time for feasting and weight gain. Are you teaching your child to eat too much during the holidays or are you using the holidays as a chance to teach them to enjoy their favorite foods in moderat...
Nov 30, 2012

Travel safely this holiday season

Tips for traveling safely on the plane. Fun infographic with good facts on safe plane travels during the holidays
Nov 12, 2012
Nov 05, 2012

IOM new report: Obesity Complex but Conquerable

The Institute of Medicine has released a new report about the weight of the nation, adults and children. But sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words and this great infographic summarized all the key points of the report. Read the full rep...
Oct 17, 2012

School lunches are right sized for kids-say no to super sizing.

This week is National School Lunch Week. It is a week to raise awareness about the importance of a healthy lunch for children. A perfect to talk with children about the changes they are seeing in the school lunch and why. I have been reading s...
Oct 12, 2012

National Food Day - healthy affordable and sustainable

You might find this very surprising. With holidays upon us, how much advertising is headed your child's way. Just how much money will be spent to get you to buy more treats for your children starting this Halloween. Below this infographics, fi...
Oct 03, 2012

School lunch makeover - America's food fight

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