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Jul 22, 2013

USDA standing up for healthy snacks for school children

USDA Smart Snacks: a picture is worth a thousand words. This infographic gives a nice quick overview of before and after approved snacks. Kids still have variety and choices but lower calories and less fat.
Jul 10, 2013

Great list of nondairy milk substitutes for kids who are lactose intolerant or allergic

My son is lactose intolerant. It is something he developed in his early adult years. We discovered it when he went away to college and kept having stomach problems but the doctor could not find anything wrong. So he kept a diligent journal f...
Jul 03, 2013

4th of july infographic

Jun 28, 2013

Active spaces needed to promote physical activity to children

It is important to increase active spaces for all children so they can enjoy active play throughout thier childhood. A recent study found that in particular Latino children in underserved communities have less access to active play areas. Since...
Jun 14, 2013

Fathers Day Appreciation Infographic

This weekend is Father's Day and we want to wish all the dads a special and health filled day! Our Nourish Interactive team wants to show our appreciation for the important role Dads make in their child's and family's life everyday with this spe...
Jun 10, 2013

Dads Health Facts - Mens Health Week

It's National Men's Health Week and with Father's Day approaching, we want to acknowledge the importance of Men's Health. Children look up to their father's day and their habits are not going unnoticed by children. So it is important for dad'...
May 15, 2013

Healthier School Snacks for Latino Kids Applicable To All Kids

I have made a commitment to the Latino community to provide all our resources in Spanish and in English. Although this study focuses on the impact to Latino children, I think the message applies to all children. Research shows that access to un...
May 01, 2013

Loopholes stalling progress in physical education across the US

This week is National Physical Education and Sports Week. Just how our the schools doing in providing physical education to our children. This infographic gives some sad facts about exercise in schools. infographic created by National Ass...
Apr 29, 2013

Happy Healthy School Day teaches children about healthy habits

I just found out about this awareness day and thought I would share it with you. Tomorrow is National Healthy Schools Day and has been around f or 10 years. The goal of this day is to raise awareness about promoting an environmentally ...
Apr 24, 2013

Optimize kids learning abilities with regular physical educaiton

Physical education can actually help children do better in schools. New reports have just been released that show the brain is actually better prepared to learn after it has had some exercise. I think the problem we have right now is that schoo...
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