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Healthy Snacking

Jan 04, 2012

2012 Is the Year of The Potato

Read why 2012 has been deemed the year of the potato. Fun resources for kids, printable potato recipe cards for kids, coloring book and nutrition facts about potatoes for the whole family.
Aug 31, 2011

Healthy snacks that kids can make and take to school

Happy National Trail mix Day!  Kids and parents enjoy trail mix as a quick snack.  And it can be a very healthy snack too.Get the kids involved and make your own trail mix!  Not only is it a great way to teach your children about a healthy snack but yo...
Jul 25, 2011

Healthy Snack Food Ideas for Kids

In the summer, more free time often means more unhealthy snacking for kids. As we approach August, many of us may be running out of  snack options for our kids. Involving kids in snack planning and cooking is a fun way to get connected to food and le...
Jul 06, 2011

Easy Steps to Promoting Kids Eating More Fruits and Vegetables

Increasing your child’s fruits and veggies starts with a little bit of planning. It is important to include them so they will feel more invested in improving the family’s overall diet. It is important that this be a family experience rather than “just ...
Jun 22, 2011

strategies for a healthy day at the fair with the kids

The county fair just left our area.  It is an event that I have enjoyed for the last 5 years with my grandniece.I always enjoy the fair because of the family atmosphere, pony rides and all the wonderful farm animals.  I grew up in the city so seeing th...
Feb 09, 2011

Healthy Valentine party food tips for kids- Heart Healthy appetizers and snacks for kids

Valentine's Day is another holiday celebration that many classrooms, parents and after-school programs will plan to celebrate with kids.  It is also a great theme to tie in to promoting a healthy heart to kids and families.Too often holiday celebration...
Nov 10, 2010

World Series parade has junk food characters - no fruits and vegetables

It was one week ago today when I stood on Market Street with thousands and thousands of other San Francisco Giants fans and celebrated the World Series victory that was indescribable!  I was born and raised in San Francisco so this is an event that we ...
Nov 08, 2010

Food labels still the best way for finding healthy foods for the family

Reading food labels is still the best way to help you shop for healthier foods.  With the holidays season set to start, many of our events will center around food.  You no doubt will be asked to bring snacks for the kids holiday school events, team eve...
Oct 29, 2010

Halloween treats kids love - not just candy

A study published in the Society for Nutrition Education Journal found when offered a choice, children ages 3 to 14 were as likely to choose a toy as candy.   The children were offered one plate of small Halloween toys, such as stickers and rings, and ...
Oct 27, 2010

Healthy eating and the ballpark - World Series can be a healthy event for kids

It's World Series Time and yes, I am from San Francisco.  So this is going to be a very exciting World Series for me and the Giant fans. The ballpark, really most sporting events, many kids and parents think of hot dogs, garlic fries, soda, cotton can...
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