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Advertising To Kids

Sep 25, 2009

Smart Choices - a new healthy food labeling program is set to launch.

"Smart Choices" healthy food labeling program is now ready to start rolling out their new system. This is a new labeling program (I should say another labeling program because there are now several!) that has some major retail and manufacturers on boar...
Sep 14, 2009

PBS reaches out to kids with new website!

PBS kids has launched a new website for kids called Speak Out.PBS is giving kids their very own forum where kids can actually post their own healthy tips, ideas and suggestions for other kids to read. The forum is targeted to 6 to 12 years encouraging...
Sep 07, 2009

Put a smile on your child's face at lunchtime with fun printable healthy lunch cards

You have heard me say this many times. But I have to say it again. "Keep nutrition fun for kids. Help them learn about healthy eating in a way that makes them remember their learning experience positively." But you say, give me practical eas...
Aug 12, 2009

What's on your plate helps kids learn about our food system from other kids

I just found about a film called What's On Your Plate? It was created by, a nonprofit organizationThis is a film is a documentary that follows the lives of two eleven year old inner city kids as they explore their place in ...
Aug 10, 2009

Concerns about energy drinks and kids

Is your child seeing the ads for energy drinks and asking you to add them to your grocery list?I just an article about the effects of energy drinks on kids. To read all the facts and studies listed, read the full article.Here are some key points you s...
Jul 20, 2009

New healthy food ratings - will they help us eat healthier or make us more confused?

With the big push for eating healthier, companies are introducing new healthy rating food systems.  With food labels and health claims splattered all over the packaging, it can become very confusing!Let's take a look at what is out there: Food Labels...
Jul 10, 2009

Food industry may start to support legislature that limits junk food in schools

The food and beverage industry may finally be seeing the light or maybe I should say the "health".With more and more states trying to limit or eliminate junk food from schools, high sugar, high fat food manufacturers are beginning to realize they are f...
Jun 17, 2009

Father's Day Cards and Gift of Time Certificates Coloring Pages - Great Gifts for Kids to Give Dad

It is that time of the year, where kids (adults too!) stop and recognize how great dads are. There are many ways for kids to thank dad for his fun and loving ways that don't cost money. With father's day quickly approaching, we have created some...
Jun 15, 2009

Childhood Obesity Conference 2009 Highlights

I attended the Childhood Obesity Conference in Los Angeles, CA last week. There were over 1500 participants ranging from teachers, health care providers, pediatricians, government officials and kids health-related organizations. It was very inspirin...
May 15, 2009

Michelle Obama visits Sesame Street and promotes healthy eating and being active

Michelle Obama is truly rising as one of our most health minded mothers/First Lady. First, she is planting a garden in the White House and now she is on Sesame Street promoting healthy habits.Here is a cute public service announcement Michelle Obama ...
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