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Advertising To Kids

Mar 01, 2010

Healthy Monday Tip - Getting the kids to snack smarter

Start your week by doing the Monday 2000! Stay within the recommended 2000 calorie limit by snacking on 
fruits, vegetables and low-fat cheese.  Help your kids learn from you how to snack smarter! Mondays are a great day to renew Family Health vows. E...
Feb 17, 2010

Let's Move - new organization devoted to helping kids get healthier

Michelle Obama speaks out on the new initiative "Let's Move"Let’s Move will give parents the support they need, provide healthier food in schools, help our kids to be more physically active, and make healthy, affordable food available in every part of ...
Feb 01, 2010

Six misleading food claims to watch out for when shopping for healthy foods.

I just read an article that talked about the misleading claims on food packaging.  This was a hot topic at the Childhood Obesity Conference last June because marketers are finding ways to make their brand sound really healthy! When in fact, their claim...
Dec 28, 2009

Food industry still marketing fatty- sugary foods to kids despite their promise to stop!

Are we surprised by the latest report indicating that the food and beverage industry has failed to live up their commitment to change their marketing practices to children? I have to say, I am not.The US Council of Better Business Bureaus initiated a ...
Dec 02, 2009

Catchy tune and video teaches kids about nutrition.

I ran across this catchy little tune and video about nutrition and thought I would share it.I love it because this is exactly what we believe is so important, making nutrition fun. If we make it fun and help kids form a positive association with fruit...
Nov 30, 2009

Michelle Obama shows us that it is fun to be active!

There she goes again! Showing us by example how fun it is to be active and healthy.Our First Lady, Michelle Obama dawns a hula hoop and shows the kids she's still got the moves! Then double dutch jump rope, obstacle course barefootI just love her. T...
Nov 06, 2009

Kids' new study finds that high sugar cereals are heavily marketed to kids!

Sad to say that the obesity conference reported last week that young kids are being aggressively marketed to by the highest sugar cereals. The study was done by the Yale University Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity.Here are some of the reports h...
Oct 30, 2009

Scary new facts about kids' cereals, food advertising and childhood obesity

Halloween the holiday of 'sweets and treats' can be like a nightmare for parents who are concerned about childhood nutrition, health and the rising rates of childhood obesity. Hopefully you have visited our website to find alternative low sugar treat ...
Oct 19, 2009

Michelle Obama continues to promote healthy nutrition to children in a fun way!

Michelle Obama will once again appear on Sesame Street. This time she will help the show kick off its 40th season by appearing on the November 10 season opener. er 10 season opener. In her continued effort to promote healthy eating to kids, she will ...
Oct 05, 2009

Recent study shows that sugary drinks are linked to childhood obesity

A new study has finally been able to show a definite link to sugary drinks and childhood obesity.I don't think many of us our surprised by this. It seems like common sense that soda (sugary drinks) is not a healthy choice for kids and we know it is ...
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