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Advertising To Kids

Jan 03, 2014

Fast Food Facts 2013 shows mixed results

The Fast Food Facts 2013 has been issued by the Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity. The report examined the nutritional quality of fast food menus, advertising on TV and the internet, and marketing practices inside restaurants over the last...
Oct 09, 2013

New Video Talks About the Influence of TV Ads on Children Food Choices

A new video (only 6 minutes of your time) tells us some key facts about the foods that our children are eating and the effects of the powerful food marketing industry. This video talks about the influence of foods designed to control our children's...
Jun 24, 2013

Parents role important in helping kids make healthy choices

New study out of Duke shows that parents are very influential in food choices kids make and can make a difference in their eating and physical activity habits. But I am not surprised by this study. We seem to need a study to tell us what is...
Jan 25, 2013

Tell the MPAA: Stop the Marketing of Violent PG-13 Movies to Young Children

I just told the Motion Picture Association of America to stop the movie industry from marketing violent PG-13 movies to young children. Will you join me? Please take action at
Oct 12, 2012

National Food Day - healthy affordable and sustainable

You might find this very surprising. With holidays upon us, how much advertising is headed your child's way. Just how much money will be spent to get you to buy more treats for your children starting this Halloween. Below this infographics, fi...
Oct 10, 2012

Jolly Green Giants makes fruits and vegetables fun for kids!

I love this video and thought I would share it with you. What I love about is are the key message: Make vegetables and fruits fun! That is what we need to do. We need to join together in a FUN FIGHT against the fast food and high fat/high ...
Sep 28, 2012

New study shows fast food is embedded your child's brain

New study shows fast food is in kids' brains!
Aug 03, 2012

olympics gold medal winner inspires kids while food manufacturers send unhealthy message

I have really been enjoying the Olympics and glued to the TV at night. So exciting watching the women's gymnastic team. We just wanted to send a big CONGRATULATIONS to the US Female gymnastic team and Gabby Douglas from Nourishinteractive.c...
Jul 06, 2012

Cereal Facts released gives insight to the nutrition and marketing of cereal to kids

Has the cereal companies kept their promise to promote healthier cereals to children. Find out the scoop from the 2012 Cereal Facts report.
Feb 13, 2012

New Video from Chipotle Sustainable Food- Raising Awareness of Farming, Farm to Fork- Social Good Nutrition Education

See the new video from Chipotle that premiered during the Grammy Awards- we really enjoyed the video creatively promoting sustainable farming, farm to fork, and eating healthy food! It has music, Willy Nelson singing a Cold Play song. You won't wan...
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