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Dec 01, 2008

2008 Eating healthy and exercise survey results released by Dietetic Association

The American Dietetic Association released their 2008 survey results and the trends were promising, indicating that an increasing number of Americans are more concerned about eating healthy and exercising.  The survey is done every year and asks a ser...
Nov 28, 2008

Soda doesn't belong in kids school

A study just released by the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior has been causing headlines like "removing soda from the schools may not make a difference in teen's consumption of soda"I am not sure what they are trying to imply with this study...
Nov 26, 2008

Idea for kids to teach younger kids about nutrition

Here's an idea for a school or an afterschool program to do. I have read about some organizations creating plays about healthy eating and daily exercise to help kids learn about nutrition in a fun, engaging way.But how about if the schools let the kids...
Nov 21, 2008

Family Nutrition- What kind of messages are food companies sending to parents

We are always hearing about the concern about marketing to our kids. How much exposure of TV ads and other media are our kids seeing and how is that influencing their food choices, food associations and ideas about nutrition?We know they are being infl...
Nov 19, 2008

Farms to Schools- working together for healthier children

We often don't think about where food comes from. We just go to the grocery store and buy what we need. I asked my niece, she's eight, where food comes from and she said, "the store". Well, of course she said the store! She is not growing up on a farm ...
Nov 17, 2008

Family Nutrition Tips- USDA announces new team for 2010 MyPyramid

The USDA has announced that they have formed a new team, lead by Brian Wansink PhD, to develop the 2010 Food Guidelines.I met Brian Wansink when Nourish Interactive received recognition from the USDA, back in June 2008 for our work promoting nutrition ...
Nov 14, 2008

National Diabetes Day focuses on children

Today is National Diabetes Day. We are reminded that thousands of children across the globe are inflicted with this chronic disease. The World Diabetes Day campaign in 2007 and 2008 aims to: Increase the number of children supported by t...
Nov 10, 2008

Nutrition Tips -What Foods Are You Marketing to your Kids?

A new study, just released, indicates that children do like fruits and vegetables! This is based on a survey of 100 children in several California regions. (to read the study, click here)I appreciate and welcome all positive information to help us pare...
Nov 07, 2008

Nourishing Thoughts listed in Top 100 Pediatric Health Blogs

Nourishing Thoughts Blog has been listed in the Top 100 Pediatric Health Blogs by Nursing Assistant Central. I write this blog because I want to make a difference in our quest to create a healthier child. I believe whole heartedly that we can all wo...
Nov 05, 2008

Family Nutrition Tips- Kids Need More Vitamin D

The American Academy of Pediatrics has just released its new guidelines for Vitamin D. They have doubled the dose required for children from 200 units to 400 units. New evidence has shown that by increasing the amount of Vitamin D, children could see...
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