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Children Nutrition News

Aug 19, 2011

New food safety guidelines released for pork

The USDA has announced a new pork guidelines to help avoid getting sick from bacteria and other "germs" that are found in pork. Pork now has the same requirements as other whole meats from beef, lamb and veal. Always use a thermometer to ch...
Aug 05, 2011

F is for Fat looks at sugary drinks and obesity rates

Sugar sweetened beverages (SSB) has a been a hot topic for some time. Many blame these sugary drinks on the obesity problem that we currently face. According to the F is for Fat report these statistics can be attributed to the consumption of sugar...
Aug 03, 2011

F is for fat report released - rate of childhood obesity in your state

You may be wondering how your state faired in the childhood obesity epidemic. Here is some other shocking facts: Among all states, children got 40% or less of the recommended vigorous daily activity. (ie exercise) Among the 39 sta...
Aug 01, 2011

F is for fat report released - trends for childhood obesity revealed

F is for Fat report has been published and the news continues to be very sobering. Childhood obesity has tripled since 1980! Currently, more than 12 million children and adolescents are considered obese. More than one-third of chil...
Jul 27, 2011

Overcoming Obstacles to Having Kids Eat Healthier Food

Eating Healthy with Kids Guide | Food Shopping Tips | Handling Food Marketing Tactics Obstacles to eating healthier from food marketing to kids to the time crunch factor- we've got the facts and practical steps to help your kids eat healthier.As a par...
Jul 08, 2011

Preventing Childhood Obesity Tools and Strategies in New Media and Film

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation released their latest report: F as in Fat 2011 "The country’s obesity epidemic continues to worsen, as detailed in F as in Fat 2010: How the Obesity Crisis Threatens America’s Future. Adult obesity rate...
Jul 01, 2011

Childhood Obesity summit 2011 key messages

Some highlights from the National Obesity Conference:Keynote speaker was Chef Sam Kass, the white house chef.  He said to really impact change, the private sector had to be involved.The key message continues to be consistent from previous conferences. ...
Jun 29, 2011

Nourish Interactive attends National Childhood Obesity conference

Nourish Interactive is attending the national Childhood Obesity Conference held this year in San Diego. There is a great deal of buzz and enthusiasm as people from all over the country gathering to work together to solve this crisis. I have hea...
Jun 20, 2011

sprout healthy kids with tasty nutritious sprouts

June is International Sprout Health & Wellness Month    There are many healthy benefits to eating sprouts: Sprouts are low in fat and calories so they are great for promoting a healthy weight and combating diabetes Alfalfa sprouts have a natural in...
Jun 17, 2011 named in list of key family wellness websites

New York Family lists their favorite "wonderful" wellness websites last week. We are so happy to announce that was listed amongst the best of the best! It is always nice to be recognized for our hard work and we just w...
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