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Family Meals

May 21, 2014

Time to go to the Farmers Market - Family Event

Have you gone to a farmers market lately. I was just thinking to myself that it has been awhile since I have gone. With the beautiful weather and summer just upon us, it reminds me that some of my favorite fruits will be in season. Farmer's m...
May 16, 2014

The perfect picnic basket has five food groups

Going for a picnic this Saturday as part of your Take your Kid to the Park Day. No problem. Keep it simple and work with a lot of the foods you already have in the fridge. A balanced picnic lunch includes: vegetables fruit h...
May 09, 2014

Shout out to my mom for the values she imparted upon me

I just wanted to take a moment to send a shout out to my own mother and my daughter who is now a mother. With Mother's Day comes the reminder of all the things that moms do for us when we are young and when we are grown up! I want to share one...
Apr 04, 2014

Have you had your garlic today?

This month is national Garlic Month. Because most of us don't just "eat garlic" like you would a bell pepper or carrots, you might have forgotten that garlic is a vegetable. Most of us eat garlic as part of foods that are enhanced/cooked with...
Mar 19, 2014

Getting Children to Eat More Spinach

I remember when I was a child, that green gloppy substance on my school tray was anything but appealing. As we get older, we begin to appreciate the value of those things we simply refused to eat 30 years ago. Since spinach is essentially a super-gr...
Mar 17, 2014

Seven Green Vegetables We Probably Are Not Eating But Should Be

We are thinking about clovers and leprechauns and the color green. In honor of this special holiday, I thought it would be good to share this infographic that shares some important information about some green foods that we should all be eating!...
Mar 14, 2014

Bring the kids into the kitchen too cook some Irish fare!

Try these two Irish recipes this month. Bring kids in the kitchen and find some tasty recipes that they can help with. Bringing kids into the kitchen to help has been shown to have wonderful benefits for children. According to our friends a...
Jan 20, 2014

New school report cards may lead to healthier eating habits

As parents, we are used to getting reports and reviewing children's accomplishments in the studies of math, science, reading, history etc. But a new pilot study conducted by Cornell University, has children bringing report cards home that grade the...
Jan 10, 2014

Childcare meals can impact kids healthy habits

A new study published by Academy of Nutrition and Dietitics shows the value of daycare centers providing family-style meals to kids. This may be one of the tactics in fighting childhood obesity. It may be that kids passing food dishes to each o...
Dec 04, 2013

Keep Family Mealtime a Priority During Holdiay Season

It is the holiday season and families around the world will be busy decorating their tree this week. I know we are going to be decorating our tree this Friday. Sometimes with the rush of the holiday season, we are in hurry to get all these "holida...
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