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Family Meals

Aug 20, 2012

Getting parents to eat more vegetables-easier than you think

If it works for parents, it might work for kids too! One study shows how to get parents to eat more vegetables.
Jul 02, 2012

Avocados featured at Disneyland for 4th of July kickoff

National avocado week hosts fun events and contests at Disneyland
Jun 04, 2012

Happy Birthday My Plate - now one year old and growing strong

Just wanted to send a big "Happy Birthday" to My Plate. It was a year ago when the My Pyramid was replaced by the My Plate as the USDA's national icon for healthy eating. My Plate helps us use a visual that we can all relate to: our fo...
May 25, 2012

Are healthy foods really more expensive - new study shows not always

This is something that we hear all the time. Healthy food is too expensive. In this new study about the cost of healthy foods, foods are analyzed in a couple of different ways. This study tried to look at healthy foods wit...
Mar 21, 2012

Off-Set the High Cost of Healthier Food by Reducing Portion Size

How to afford healthier foods when grocery shopping.
Mar 09, 2012

Get Your Plate In Shape - National Nutrition Month Tips

Happy National Nutrition Month® everyone! We are continuing our celebration with more new free printables, tips and giveaways. This is such a great month to help kids "Get their Plate in Shape!" Here are some tips on how to help kid...
Feb 24, 2012

Influence of toys and the purchase of happy meals

Interesting facts infographic with information about McDonalds.
Jan 30, 2012

Teaching kids about healthy fiber and whole grains. Kid-friendly food tips for pasta + get coupon, enter giveaway

Enter to Win | About Grains | Teach Kids about Grains and Fiber | Learn About Fiber | Thanks to Sponsor/Supporters | Find Giveaways-Links This week our healthy goal of the week continues with a pledge to help kids eat more fiber rich foods. We ...
Dec 05, 2011

Healthy Hispanic Foods

Keep your body and mind healthy and strong with one of the most popular cuisines in the world. Hispanic dishes are full of flavors and ingredients sure to be loved by the whole family. Delicious beans, tasty cheeses, fresh vegetables, and seasoned m...
Sep 07, 2011

guide to healthy foods for a healthier child

This month is national childhood obesity awareness month and there is a lot of focus on how to help overweight children.  But the fact is that most of our children, over 85% don't eat the recommended amounts of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables ...
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