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Family Meals

Jan 05, 2015

One key resolution that will get families on the right tract to healthy eating

I hope everyone is off to a great 2015. A new year is a chance to make healthy changes in the home and start the year off on a healthy tract. But there are so many things you can pick to work on, if you could only pick one, what would it be? ...
Dec 10, 2014

Food brings people together!

Since I am in the movie mode, I also wanted to share with another great movie that I thoroughly enjoyed, "The 100 foot journey". Now this won't be a spoiler for you because I won't go into details about the movie itself. But I will talk about t...
Dec 08, 2014

Family movie - the gift of time

You know when you see a movie that you just feel so good after watching it, you just want to watch it again! Well that was how I felt when I watched "Chef". What a great family movie with a food theme. Great music, great plot, great acting a...
Oct 27, 2014

Pasta and patience brings broccoli to the table

This past weekend was World Pasta Day. I wanted to share with you my pasta story. When I was growing up, I did not want to eat my broccoli. When exactly or why, I really can't say. But for some reason, I thought it was just too much like a tr...
Sep 03, 2014

Kids LiveWell Initiative Offers Parents and Kids Healthier Choices

With school starting up, some of us may find ourselves running out of time and rushing to the nearest restaurant for a family meal. Now I am a strong advocate of cooking and eating at home for so many reasons. I was raised that way and for...
Aug 25, 2014

CDC shows kids are eating more fruits and vegetables-but are they the right kind?

A new study just released by the CDC* show that children are still not getting enough fruits and vegetables but are moving in the right direction. More children aged 2–5 years ate fruit than teenagers aged 12–19 years. Les...
Aug 13, 2014

Vegetarian and Vegan Parenting Tips and Resources

The second week in September is vegetarian awareness week. We have a wonderful dietitian who has created a set of articles to help parents ensure their vegetarian or vegan child eats healthy with adequate amounts of healthy protein sources. ...
Jul 28, 2014

Make Some Room For A Home Grown Garden

As we get ready for national Farmers Week, I wanted to start out by promoting the importance of food gardens. Sometimes, things really do start in our own backyard! My brother-in-law, Vinnie, (Vinnie the farmer-I call him) has been growing a veget...
Jun 18, 2014

A few of my favorite recipes for national dairy month

To top off my tribute to dairy month, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite dairy recipes from the National Dairy Council* Enjoy! Blueberry-Buckwheat Pancakes Cheesy Baked Oatmeal Quiche Cups Chicken Makhani Lactose-Fr...
Jun 13, 2014

National Dairy Month Quick and Simple Recipe Ideas!

Wondering how are you going to get your child eating enough dairy servings each day. Here are some very simple quick and easy ideas for adding a serving of dairy to your child's meal or snack each day. How Much Dairy Does Your Child And Family ...
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