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New York Schools App Challenge

Posted on Feb 08, 2013 by Maggie LaBarbera


I just came across this challenge and wanted to share it with you.  Let's reach kids with innovation
and fun ideas that make it engaging and interesting to learn about nutrition and making healthy choices!
Software developers: submit new/existing apps and games that enhance teaching, learning, and engagement in NYC middle schools.
Nine awards totaling $104,000 in cash and prizes

Apps must run on iPads, Mac/PC computers, or web browsers.

1. Click Accept this Challenge here to register your interest in participating. 
2. Get inspired: watch this video to learn why NYC schools need your help.
3. Check out needs and opportunities for development in middle school classrooms.

Innovate NYC Schools, a federally-funded project within the City's Department of Education dedicated to creating models for more quickly identifying, piloting, and evaluating promising edtech solutions.
April 10, 2013


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