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School lunches are right sized for kids-say no to super sizing.

Posted on Oct 17, 2012 by Maggie LaBarbera

This week is National School Lunch Week.  It is a week to raise awareness about the importance of a healthy lunch for children.  A perfect to talk with children about the changes they are seeing in the school lunch and why.

I have been reading so many articles that are complaining about the new school lunch program.  Complaints like "kids are starving" .

Really?  They have a limit of 850 calories.  That is a lot of calories.  Most children don't even need that many calories for lunch.  Kids are adjusting to these changes and it is natural that they may complain but when they are hungry, they will eat the food that is being offered to them.

fast food lunches high in calories


But it really isn't just about the calories but what foods make up the calories.  School are required to provide a balanced meal that is made up of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and healthy protein.  

It has been a long road getting to this point but we are now on the right track.  We still have more improvements to make but now is the time to work together and stay strong.  We have to help children (especially those teens who may be used to buying fast food lunch) that a healthy meal tastes good and is satisfying.

healthy calories for school lunches


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