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Healthy and Fun Easy Last Minute Gifts for Friends and Family

Posted on Dec 21, 2011 by Maggie LaBarbera

Here’s our Top 10 Healthy Gifts for friends and family:

Apps for health, food & fitness- some of our favorites are: Chow and Chatter Recipes, Fooducate and Happy Cow

Cookbooks and books about eating healthy Elisa Zied’s book ‘Nutrition At Your Fingertipsand Plan it Healthier’s Go To Top 2010 List of Cookbooks and Good Food Reads

Online Fitness Classes Fit2Bmama has Online Yoga and Pilates classes choose monthly or yearly subscription for anytime on-demand classes.

Fresh Juice- Juice Hugger Fresh Organic Juices many kinds of healthy juices for a special delivered gift! (Free Shipping anywhere in USA this month)

Magazines- Health, Fitness, Cooking or for something really different give a ‘Positive News’ Magazine Subscription such as Good Magazine or Yes Magazine

Outdoor Enthusiasts- a REI Gift E-Cards, membership to local Sierra Club, or for the techie give a Geocaching kit and Book: The Joy of Geocaching- see Info and review on GeekDad or more info about Geocaching

Gift certificate to take a healthy class, a massage or spa, a local healthy restaurant or CSA food membership. Locate a local CSA then contact them about a gift membership

Fruit Basket or for something really FUN order a Fun to Eat Fruit Tube A different tube of fruit delivered for kids or families or try their business to business fruit gifts with your logo

Pedometer and flashlight for walking…. or for a cute gift get a Pup Light for furry walking buddies!

Donation gift to a favorite charity- Volunteering and supporting charities are shown to have health benefits. I know many friends have enjoyed World Wildlife Fund Animal Adoption gifts, National Wildlife Foundation and  Heifer International gifts.

There are also, so many worthy non-profits and causes out there to support! From kids’ charities, to health, hunger charities, environmental causes, or an organization in your local community, you can find one that your friends or family member would enjoy supporting.  (*Many offer online gift donations and have printable certificates which makes it a thoughtful and easy last minute gift)

This Top 10 Healthy Holiday Gift List will have you singing songs of cheer as you finish your holiday shopping in a jiffy, with gifts you can feel good about giving! 

But, if your feeling crafty and want to try a few “do it yourself’ homemade gifts, there’s still time to make some. Here’s our top last minute healthy Christmas gifts to make!

You may also like Our Top Healthy Gifts for Kids! and Christmas songs MP3s for kids and families by KidzUp to get in the holiday spirit

Do it Yourself -Top Healthy Holiday Make at Home Gifts

Gift of Time Coupons and Certificates PDFs

– Print a Certificate and offer to share a talent, help with chores or go to a special event. Time together is meaningful gift- you can offer to make healthy home cooked meals and deliver them, help with gardening, organizing, decorating, or pet sitting. Let kids get 1 free day from a chore, stay up 1/2 hour late or a fun afternoon of cooking together.  Or find a class you can attend together, such as yoga or cooking (look in local area for classes) or buy tickets for a local event and your gift recipient will have the added benefit of looking forward to this outing together!

( Make your own coupons or use our gift of time coupons-  Print full color version or version to color in, *Sure they say ‘for kids to give’ but once you cut the certificate out, they make a nice for adults to give to children or even friends who are ‘ young at heart’ too!)

Make a Cookbook- type up some of your favorite recipes, add a few photos you take or from online then print at home and put in a photo album or use ‘on demand’ printing services.

Customize an MP3 player find MP3s online and fill the player with some relaxing music, guided meditations such as Indigo Dreams, audio books, or choose more upbeat music for the gym. ( *note: you can find less expensive Mp3 players online or at local pharmacy chains)

Gift Basket or Bag of Good Cheer filled with pampering body care products (bubble bath, hand-milled scented soaps, or organic skin care products )  or make a basket of special food treats ( teas, spices, nuts, dark chocolate, fancy marinades, crackers and cheese, local honey, jams, or take a look at your local farmer’s market or store for more ideas!)

Food Gifts to Make- easy recipes for food gifts by Indiana Dairy. Delicious ideas include: White Christmas Soup in a Jar, Boursin Cheese Crostini with Brie and Cherry Relish, and Homemade Granola

Cookie Recipe in a Jar- Here’s how to make Oatmeal Recipe in a Jar

Homemade Jams- Here’s an easy  jam recipe to make with kids

Cookies in a Holiday Gift Bag or Tin- bake your favorite cookies or try these easy recipes:
Whole Wheat Snickerdoodles Recipe or Excellent Chocolate Covered Pretzels Recipe!

Dough Ornaments- Make some dough ornaments and paint them!  Here’s an easy “how to” make Dough Ornaments

Homemade Bread - see easy whole wheat bread recipe

We’d love to hear your ideas- share your favorite healthy holiday or make it yourself gifts with our readers by leaving a comment below.





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