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  named in list of key family wellness websites

Posted on Jun 17, 2011 by Maggie LaBarbera

New York Family lists their favorite "wonderful" wellness websites last week.

We are so happy to announce that was listed amongst the best of the best!

It is always nice to be recognized for our hard work and we just want to say thank you!  We are committed to making nutrition fun.  the more kids have fun learning about healthy foods and healthy habits, the more interested they will be to learn more!  But it is not only that.  Fast food and high sugar and fat food manufacturers have long known that the way to get their products in front of children is through fun interactive media.

It is time that we fight FUN with FUN!  yes, we are out to give kids lots of fun and reasons to want to eat healthy foods.  Because healthy foods are really FUN!

Join us in spreading the word and making nutrition and healthy foods a fun food that kids love to eat!

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