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Whyzz celebrates Be healthy with fun facts for families

Posted on Jun 13, 2011 by Maggie LaBarbera is featuring a celebrating June as "Be Healthy" Month.

Be Healthy Month is featuring special topics to help families learn more about nutrition and share ways to be more healthy as a family.  Their spotlight on Family health includes:

Fun facts about nutrition and health

Nutrition Games! featuring Nourish Interactives Healthy Fun Games!

Favorite fitness questions and answers for the whole family

A great article on how to talk to your children about nutrition from a Nutrition Expert

A special section on diabetes and children

Kid ready questions about nutrition.

Spending quality time with the kids and creating time to talk and learn as a family about healthy eating is one of the key steps to promoting healthy habits.  Children learn from their parents.  We know this.  By making nutrition a family discussion and important topic, you are helping kids learn at a young age the value of health.  You are role modeling its importance by talking about it.

The next step is keeping it positive and fun so that children will enjoy family time and learning about nutrition and exercise.  This goes a long way in helping children associate positive feelings, experiences and memories with healthy foods and healthy habits!

Pick out a couple of questions for mealtime or family time and bring the "Be Healthy" theme into your home.

Other resources

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Get the family moving and making healthier choices.




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