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enter contest and help schools win garden program

Posted on May 13, 2011 by Maggie LaBarbera

Root 4 Kids is a campaign conducted in partnership with the National Farm to School Network (NFSN), a nationally recognized organization that connects more than 10,000 schools across America with local farms to provide healthy food in cafeterias, nutrition education in classrooms and hands-on learning through school gardens.

The contest is designed to teach students nationwide how to grow, taste and add veggies to their plates.

From April 5 through May 31, Root 4 Kids is calling on schools across America to get sign-ups for their school at

The school that receives the most sign ups will win its choice of a Farm to School program or school garden.

How it works:

Enter the name of the school you’d like to see win the grand prize in the designated “School Name” field.   Then enter how many kids you commit to helping dig or plant a new veggie this year (e.g. two of your own kids, a classroom of 30 kids, or a school of 800).

To enter the contest,  by May 31.

Their goal is to get one million kids planting!

There is still time to sign up and have your school entered in the contest!  So hurry, it only takes a few minutes.

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