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Our top 10 healthy ideas for Father's day gifts

Posted on Jun 16, 2010 by Maggie LaBarbera

With Father's Day fast approaching you and the kids might be talking about "What to get Dad?" this year!  Dad's are special and what a great way to show them how special with some nice gifts that promote healthy habits and are fun (of course).

Show the kids that fun and healthy go well together in one sentence.

Need some ideas, well here you go:

1.  Kids can also give them a gift of their time to do something very special for Dad.  He will be touched and it gives the kids a wonderful way to participate without having to spend money.  They can do many things that are of great value to dad.

Use these free printables gift of time coupons for Father's Day, just click and print.( Ideas for gifts for kids to fill in are on page 2 of pdf!)

2.  A grilling basket and then plan a special barbecue where he can use his new grilling tools to make some delicious and healthy grilled veggies and fruits.

3.  A nice massage is a special gift and great for de-stressing.  Stress is one of those areas that pretty much any dad could use less of and stress wears down our immune system.

4.  A subscription to a Mens' health and fitness magazine to keep him motivated year round!

5.  Gift basket with his favorite healthy nuts, fruits and whole wheat crackers.  The kids can help pick out the his favorite food items but help them pick the healthy favorites!  After all, it is important to keep dad healthy so he is around for a long, long time.

6.  A talking pedometer is a fun gadget and he can keep track of the steps on family walks.  10000 steps a day is the magic number to keep the body fit and healthy!  For Dad's with iPhones try giving a healthy App!

7.  A heart rate monitor for him to use while he is working out.  If he doesn't work out, this is just the thing to get him started safely by keeping his heart in check.

7.  Planning to give dad some chocolate (cause it's his favorite)  Well look for dark chocolate, they have some health benefits!

8.  Electric Toothbrush- keeping his teeth clean with this high tech device is also important for preventing gum disease.

9.  Body fat scale - these new high tech scales tells you how much % of fat and serve as a good reminder for all of us to be active every day!

10.  Make an Activity basket with a water bottle, exercise towel, exercise T-shirt, and some healthy high fiber protein bars and shakes for afterwards.

Happy Healthy Father's Day to all the wonderful dads around the world!

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